Listing Fees

Welcome to the newest and most affodable way to sell pre-loved and new items online.

The basic cost of selling an item on are listed below, plus fees for any optional features and services you may use.

We do not take a percentage of every sale, or force you to use our Credit Card provider with extra fees.

User Signup Price
User Sign-up Fee $0.00
Listing Upgrades Fee Amount
Home Page Featuring $2.00
Category Pages Featuring $2.00
Highlighted Item $0.50
Short Description $0.50
Listing Images $0.00
Additional Category Listing $0.50
Buy Out $0.00
Reserve Price $0.00
Make Offer $0.00
Store Subscription Details Price
Basic recurring every 30 days, 25 listings $10.00
Standard recurring every 30 days, 50 listings $20.00
Premium recurring every 30 days, 100 listings, featured store $50.00
Platinum recurring every 30 days, 250 listings, featured store $100.00